Young People’s Network

Young People’s Network


YPN is to create opportunities for high school students to meet and network with accomplished and successful young adult members of our Korean American community. Each year from September to May, a student committee consisted of selected high school students (8-12th grade) meets twice a month for planning and organizing an YPN Night and YPN Alumni Dinner by selecting topics, inviting panelists and motivating local high school students to attend and engage in lively discussion and soliciting advice in career pursuits. Throughout the process, the student committee members will learn to develop;

  1. Leadership
  2. Civic Responsibilities
  3. Networking
  4. Pride in Korean Heritage


Eligibility and Responsibility of Student Committee Members
  1. 9-12th grade students (8th grade students may be eligible.)
  2. Current KCC members (Parents should join KCC members)
  3. Active participation with all topics and 75% Attendance unless informed.

Student Community Service Credit

For the time volunteering to plan and organize the YPN Night and YPN Alumni Dinner, 45 credit hours of student community services are awarded at maximum.Additional credit hours will be awarded to students who help to run YPN News Letter as well as other volunteer services of KCC.

Measurable Objectives
  1. All Student Committee members are motivated to come to the bi-monthly meeting with some homework assignments as needed – at minimum 75% attendance.
  2. YPN Night is to be popular among high school students – at minimum 100 attendances.
  3. YPN Panelists will join the alumni dinner – at minimum 50% of available panelists.
  4. YPN Newsletters for YPN alumni will be published monthly.
  5. Learn to develop budget for YPN Night and Alumni Dinner, and plan to raise fund to meet the budget.
Apply today to become a next YPN member to represent next Korean-American generation!
  1. Download the YPN application on KCC website or pick one up from KCC in person!
  2. Completed application and a teacher’s recommendation letter is required.
  3. Submit the papers to Jimmy Kim by AUGUST 1, 2017
  4. Interview and resume required

Please contact Jimmy Kim at 201-541-1200 ext.124 or for any questions.

Teacher Recommendation LetterStudent Committee Application