Young People’s Network

2021/2022 Young People’s Network (YPN)

YPN is an acronym for Young People’s Network. It is the youth organization at the Korean Community Center, launched  in 2004 with the goal to create strong, caring community builders, as well as empower the next generation of Korean-American youth through education and volunteerism.

Who can apply for the YPN program?

• High school students who want to volunteer, between 9th and 12th grade are eligible for the YPN program

How do I apply?

You may apply for the YPN Program at 17th YPN online application BY October 31st.

YPN high school volunteers (9-12th grade) will be involved with the following activities:
  • Meeting and networking with young professionals – YPN Night, talks from young professional mentors
  • Cultivating and promoting Korean heritage-  Opportunities to participate and volunteer at various Korean heritage programs and events.
  • Practicing leadership skills by participating in real world community service – many outside volunteer opportunities will be available
  • Developing leadership and public speaking skills (optional) – youth programs designed to prepare students for college and adulthood

YPN program duration: October 2021 to June 2022 with optional summer volunteering opportunities

Key YPN Programs and Services:

( included, but not limited to) *starred programs include fees for participation

  • Korean Heritage related (Korean Music and Dance Night, Bergen County Korean Day / New Year/ Asian Heritage Month etc.)
  • TA (Homework Help Club, Elderly Tech Help, Summer camp-optional etc.)
  • Community Service and Events ( KCC Gala, Senior Living Expo, OCC Project, Food Drive etc.) 
  • YPN Night*
  • YPN Alumni Social*
  • Public Speaking workshop classes*
  • …And so many more volunteer opportunities!

*starred programs include fees for participation

YPN program rewards

By completion of age-appropriate volunteer hours, students will be eligible for the followings; 

  • YPN Certification
  • The Presidential Service Award
  • YPN Scholarship for higher education.


Young People’s Network Application Deadline: October 31st(2021)

YPN application, Teacher recommendation required
Application submission -> On-site individual interview -> Final decision