What We Do


The KCC offers over 100 different cultural and educational programs to help you empower yourself. Short-term solutions can fall short of your expectations. Instead, the KCC provides essential information to help you improve your life for the long-term. The KCC is a vital resource that is helping Koreans in Bergen County ingrate into the greater area.

Children & Youth Programs

Children’s Programs (Pre K – 5th Grade)

KCC provides high quality afterschool programs for children grades Pre K through 5th Grade. Programs include math, languages, music, dance, exercise, arts and crafts.

Youth Programs (6th – 12th Grade)

We offer several youth programs designed to give students the opportunity to prepare for advanced studies in related disciplines. Youth program also includes fun dance and exercise programs.

College Consulting Programs

The KCC offers college consulting to help students select the right institute of higher learning based on their goals as well as find out more about ways to pay for school.

Young People’s Network

Young People’s Network provides valuable networking opportunities for high school students to meet with accomplished and successful young adult members of our Korean American community to learn more about potential careers.

Adult Programs

The KCC recognizes change is inevitable and adults need to keep up with these changes to pursue their career goals. The KCC’s Adult programs help adults to reach higher goals in their current careers and consider new ones. Educational opportunities also exist for those who are simply looking to learn more about a certain subject for their own personal benefit.
– Art classes include an array of artistic medium for effective self-expression
– Music classes encourage the appreciate of all types of music
– Computer and smartphone classes keep people of all ages updated about the latest technologies
– Cooking classes add diversity and flavor to your current menus
– History classes teach people where we have come from and how that can impact our future
– Language classes increase your level of communication with people from various backgrounds with classes such as English as a second language (ESL)

Korean Heritage Programs

An appreciation for the Korean culture is encouraged at the KCC. A variety of classes, programs and seminars are available to help enrich your life. Find out about some of the classes you can take to get in touch with your heritage.

Art Gallery Exhibitions

The Art Gallery at the KCC features a vibrant variety of visual elements, sounds, and experiences to help you appreciate the creative genius of Koreans.