Kye-Eun Ma, M.D.
President & CEO
Jimmy Kim
Program Director

YPN, College Consulting,
Afterschool programs,
Outreach programs and Grants
201-541-1200 ext. 124

Song Kim
Director of Operations

General Operations,
Website Management,
Finance, Space Rental & HR
201-541-1200 ext. 113

Myong Lee
Health & Senior Director
William Kang
Events and Communications Manager
201-541-1200 ext. 114

Sunwook Park
Assistant Program Director
201-541-1200 ext. 126

Soomi Kim
Member & Community Service Manager

Registration, Membership,
Donor & Volunteer
201-541-1200 ext. 111

Jenny Ahn
Care Manager
201-541-1200 ext. 117

Kyungro Lee
Education Manager
Veda Lee
Program Manager
Ahyoung Han
Website Management & Graphic Design
Brian Hwang