Goal 목표

Independent Living for Families with Autism Spectrum Disorder children
Autism이 있는 자녀들의 독립적인 삶 지원

KCC 한인 동포 회관은 2018년말부터 Autism Spectrum Disorder (이하 Autism) 에 대한 대중들의 인식과 이해를 높이고, Autism이 있는 자녀들이 성인으로서의 독립적인 삶을 살아갈 수 있도록 지원하기 위한 정보 및 지원 센터로서의 역할을 수행하고 있읍니다.
정기적 교육 세미나 및 부모 모임 후원, 정보 포털 사이트 운영 서비스 등을 통하여 지난 일 년간 100여명이 넘는 가족들과 이웃들이 서로 만나고 정보를 공유하고 협력하는 장으로 발전하고 있읍니다.

Long-term Support KCC가 나아갈 방향
KCC noticed that Autism children during school years, aged from 3 to 21 years old in New Jersey, have access to adequate special education and transition support through information and referrals from school districts. However, long term support after the education entitlement is dependent on their access to eligible resources. Adults with Autism need to rely on other resources to address their needs in a variety of areas, such as housing, employment, habilitation, recreation, behavior, transportation, and more. KCC supports individuals with Autism as an information and referral center to lower the barriers to access the resources.

Community Needs 커뮤니티 니즈

KCC have identified the utmost needs for Autism children to live independently through several focus group interviews with parents, special education teachers, and advocacy groups.

1. After educational entitlement ends at age 21, individuals need to have a decent job for an independent living. However, finding a job or working for the job regularly is not easy or sometimes, not possible for them.
2. Individuals with Autism need a place to live safely and independently, but they require a caregiver 24 hours a day.
3.Individuals with Autism need friends to enjoy a healthy social life
4.To promote independent living for individuals with Autism, parent education and awareness is important, as well as public education and awareness.
5.Korean immigrant parents and caregivers with limited fluency in English need linguistic support.

SFNI Committee 자문위원

● Sung Wook Sun, MD, KCC Board Member

● Eunja P. Talbot, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist

● Sungsim Jung, 한국 소아 청소년 정신과 전문의, Psychoanalytic Candidate at NYU School of Medicine

● Hyun Kim, Parent Representative, Direct Support Professional