Our programs would not be possible without the generous support from our Members and Friends. Membership offers to adult 18 years of age or older. The membership term is one year, beginning on the date of registration/renewal.Members help the KCC to sustain its valuable programs and services. Members are offered point(s). There is individual Member & Family Member.
Please refer to our benefit section below for details.

18세이상의 성인에게 적용되며 등록일부터 1년동안 유효합니다. 가족회원은 부부와 18세이하의 자녀를 포함하며 후원자들에게는 가족회원권을 드립니다. 매년 회원권을 갱신함으로 포인트를 적립하여 프로그램에 할인과 우선을 받습니다. 유효기간을 지켜서 갱신하시는 분은 보너스 1 포인트를 드리고 Member는 만기일부터 3개월이 지나면 적립한 포인트를 잃고 Donor는 후원일부터 3년이 지나면 적립한 포인트를 잃습니다.

Member Type
Membership Type A Indivudual (개인) B Family (가족)
Annual Membership Fee
$100 per year $150 per year (Spouse & Children under 18)
1 point + 1 point bonus on renewal 1 point + 1 point bonus on renewal
Earn more points
Being Volunteer : Earn 1 point for every 12 days
(Max. 4 points per yr)
Being Volunteer : Earn 1 point for every 12 days
(Max. 4 points per yr)
Join A Member Join B Member

*There’s no refund for the Membership Fee.

  1. Earn credit point(s)
    1 point + 1 Point bonus on renewal (points are discount accumulated automatically ay the time of renewal)
  2. Able to take classes and receive discount according to earned credit points
    Points Discount
    2-10 points 10% off
    11-20 points 15% off
    21-30 points 20% off
    31-40 points 25% off
    41-50 points 30% off
    51-60 points 35% off
    61-70 points 40% off
    71-80 points 45% off
    81 and over 50% off
  3. Children under 18 years of are included in Family Membership.
  4. Able to participate in the KCC program.
  5. Able to apply for Young People’s Network and Long-Term Care programs.
  6. Able to rent space for private events.

Questions regarding Members should be directed to Song Kim at or (201) 541-1200.ext 111,112