What We Do


The KCC offers over 100 different cultural and educational programs to help you empower yourself. Short-term solutions can fall short of your expectations. Instead, the KCC provides essential information to help you improve your life for the long-term. The KCC is a vital resource that is helping Koreans in Bergen County ingrate into the greater area.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Programs »
More than half of New Jersey’s Korean residents live in Bergen County. We offer guidance to help Koreans find out about professional health and social services that could be available to them. The KCC is committed to promoting healthy and independent living. Our many alliances with community and government organizations help us to help you. A healthy lifestyle is a cornerstone for a happy existence. The KCC helps people of all ages learn more about health and how to stay fit. From children to seniors, everyone can be part of the healthy living movement at the KCC.

  • Adult exercise classes and dance classes are lively ways to be sociable and improve your overall well-being
  • Children exercise and dance is an engaging way to teach children about the importance of fitness
  • Health screenings, such as regular blood screenings, help you find out about chronic diseases sooner and the KCC also helps answer questions about health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid and senior benefits
  • Physician referral services are provided at a discounted rate for those with no medical insurance
  • Health education, including diabetes education, helps you prevent, detect and take care of health issues to help you live a longer, healthier life
  • Care management programs are available for the homebound, frail elderly and those who are disabled

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Programs »
It is never too early to teach children about the value of the arts and education. Children are curious and eager to learn during programs offered at the KCC.

  • Art classes help children learn about colors, shapes, sizes and more while exercising their creativity
  • Ballet classes make children appreciate the classic arts for pleasure, fitness, and improved balance
  • Five senses development classes encourage children to practice the thoughtful use of hearing, vision, touch, scent and smell

After School Enrichment

After School Enrichment Programs »
Some parents work all day and want their children to be in a safe, educational after school program. Other parents want their children to socialize and learn after school in an encouraging environment. Either way, the KCC offers outstanding after school enrichment programs.

  • Art classes get children to express themselves in unique and colorful ways
  • English classes make it easier for Korean children to learn effective communication skills
  • Math classes help children learn more about numbers and logic
  • Music classes give children an appreciation for the arts and a way to appreciate them
  • Language classes teach children various ways to communicate with the people around them

College and Career Prep

College and Career Prep Programs »
Whether you are college bound or want to prepare for a satisfying career, the KCC offer college and career prep to help members appreciate the power of higher education. Ongoing education and training make people more valuable and employable.

  • Young People’s Network provides valuable networking opportunities to learn more about potential careers
  • SAT prep classes make it easier for students to ace this test and get into their desired college or university
  • College counseling gives students direction to help them select the right institute of higher learning based on their goals as well as find out more about ways to pay for school
  • Math competition prep helps students get an edge in this competitive, desirable field
  • Art portfolio preparation gives art enthusiasts a head start on pursuing their creative dreams

Adult Continuing Education

Adult Continuing Education Programs »
The KCC recognizes change is inevitable and adults need to keep up with these changes to pursue their career goals. Adult continuing education helps adults to reach higher goals in their current careers and consider new ones. Educational opportunities also exist for those who are simply looking to learn more about a certain subject for their own personal benefit.

  • Art classes include an array of artistic medium for effective self-expression
  • Music classes encourage the appreciate of all types of music
  • Computer and smartphone classes keep people of all ages updated about the latest technologies
  • Cooking classes add diversity and flavor to your current menus
  • History classes teach people where we have come from and how that can impact our future
  • Language classes increase your level of communication with people from various backgrounds with classes such as English as a second language (ESL)

Korean Heritage and Culture

Korean Heritage and Culture Programs »
An appreciation for the Korean culture is encouraged at the KCC. A variety of classes, programs and seminars are available to help enrich your life. Find out about some of the classes you can take to get in touch with your heritage.

  • Korean Heritage Resource helps you keep in touch with your background and feel proud of it
  • Art focuses on Korean themes for a culturally creative experience
  • Have great time attending Korean music classes and dance nights


Art Gallery Exhibitions »
The Art Gallery at the KCC features a vibrant variety of visual elements, sounds, and experiences to help you appreciate the creative genius of Koreans.

  • Present Exhibition is available to keep your finger on the pulse of the creative community right now
  • Upcoming Exhibitions give members something exciting and unique to look forward to
  • Past Exhibitions are a celebration of the incredible talent in the community
  • The KCC art classes members can have an exhibition to showcase their creative talents
  • Community students can have an exhibition with their art projects of distinction

Volunteer Opportunities

Become A Volunteer »
There are many ways you can use your talents, compassion and skills to become a KCC volunteer. Help is needed to facilitate the programs and services we provide to the Korean community. Participants enjoy a myriad of personal benefits from volunteering at the KCC.

  • Connect with other Koreans to help them become a vibrant part of the community
  • Assist others in finding out about benefits and programs that can improve their lives
  • Put your education, skills and unique abilities to good use
  • Find a sense of satisfaction and purpose by doing something important in your community
  • Promote an appreciation for the Korean culture in America

Visit the KCC facility in Tenafly, New Jersey to discover ways to improve your health, educate your mind and soothe your soul. The new, three-story facility is adapting its offerings to help a new generation of Korean Americans while maintaining the highest quality of services for everyone. The KCC is a community service hub for Korean Americans where you can become enriched and empowered.