InstructorKenneth Cain
Time4/27, 5/4, 5/11, 5/18
7 PM - 8:30 PM, Monday
PlaceOnline Class
Price$100 (Member)
$150 (non-members)

The skills needed to climb the mountain of admissions to elite US colleges are very different from the skills needed to succeed once you’re there.
For High school 12th Grade.

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Session 1: Navigating Your First Year Academically
How do I know what courses to choose? How difficult will my courses be?
How important are my grades?
What does a ‘liberal arts’ education mean versus STEM / preprofessional?
How important is my choice for a major? How to explore & choose majors.
Developing a relationship with your professors/finding mentor ships.

Session 2: First Time Living Away From Home (most students struggle)
Time management w/o parents (!): creating a schedule, limiting social media.
Social life w/o parents: navigating different attitudes re religion, drinking, dating, politics; How to navigate extracurricular and clubs
(how to balance btwn affinity groups and new, unfamiliar activities)
Self care w/o parents: Eating well (dining halls); sleep and study schedules; stress.
How to experiment and expand new horizons but stay true to yourself and your values

Session 3: Expectations vs Reality
What does Orientation week look like?
The youtuber fantasy version of college life vs reality: what are your expectations?
You might love your roommate, but what s/he’s a nightmare? Whom do you consult?
What if a class is harder than you expected? Getting help from professors, TA’s & RA’s.

Session 4: Making the Most of Your College Experience
VIP guests; open ended Q&A


Mr.Kenneth Cain (Harvard Univ. admission Interviewer)
Jasmin Liu (Harvard Univ. student)
Christine Han (Brown Univ. student)


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