InstructorKenneth Cain
DateOct 12, 2020 - Nov 16, 2020
Time7:00-8:00 PM, Online Zoom
Price$100 / $150 (Non-Member)

Public Speaking & Leadership Skills Workshop

Do You Want to Help Your Child Be a Stronger, More Confident Public Speaker & Leader?

Learn the same techniques that sent Susan Cain, author of the bestseller “Quiet,” to 30 Million Ted Talk views & improve on-line presence and influence.
These lessons, first introduced at the KCC in Tenafly, have been successfully taught now to thousands of students on 4 continents: from Shanghai to New Delhi, from Johannesburg to Milwaukee!


Date: 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/9, 11/16
7:00-8:00pm, Monday

7-12th grade student as of 2020 fall

Contact: or 201-541-1200 ext.111

Public Speaking and Leadership Workshop
SESSION 1: Express Your Self. Public Speaking & Self Confidence training with practical drills.

SESSION 2: Improve Your Self. Advanced Public Speaking skills – practice, practice, practice.

SESSION 3: Distinguish Your Self. Self-promotion skills for College Admissions Interviews, application essays, & internships.

SESSION 4: Raise Your Hand. Assert Your Self in a small group. Improve your grades through better class participation.

SESSION 5: Self Knowledge. Work on healthy communication about pressure, identity, academic and extracurricular preferences. How to resolve interpersonal conflict; how to think about applying to college.

Ja-Tek’s Leadership:

Kenneth Cain (Founder & Ja-Tek Workshop Leader)
Honors Graduate, Harvard Law. Wesleyan U.Scholar Athlete Award winner. Fulbright Scholar. Ken is an international best selling author and Consultant. Harvard College admission’s alumni interviewer.
Susan Cain (Ja-Tek Mentor)
Honors Graduate, Princeton U. and Harvard Law. Susan is author of the global bestseller, Quiet: The Power of introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking, 7 years on NYU Times bestseller list; translated into 40 languages. Record-smashing “TED Talk” has been viewed 20 million times.
Min Kym (Mentor)
Min is an internationally renowned violin virtuoso, and author of the critically acclaimed book, “Gone” Currently in development as a feature-length film.
Peter Keum (Chair, Ja-Tek Board of Mentors)
Honors Graduate, Harvard College. UPenn Wharton School, MBA. Peter is a digital media entrepreneur and co-founder of Admaru Network, a leading multicultural ad tech company that connects multinational brands with key Asian-American demographic segments.
Hailey Fyfe (Guest Instructor)
Hailey Fyfe is a youth theater director and Performing Arts teacher at Wildwood Elementary in Los Angeles, CA. Hailey is also a professional actor, comedian and improviser with over 10 years experience in television and film. She has trained and performed with many improvisational theater groups in the US including the Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv Olympics, Second City, and The Annoyance Theater.

TA: Claire Park
Honor Graduate of Phillips Academy-Andover and Harvard  University.

5기 수료자: 11/16/2020
Kay Hwang, Chloe Lee, Aaron Song, Christopher Oh, Alyssa Shin

4기 수료자: 8/17/2020
Christopher Oh, Hojin Kim, Brianna Kim, Sylvia Lee, Julia Yeji Jeon, Fred Lim (hyunjun lim), Karis Cho, Jaewon Yeo, Katie Bang, Chaeyoon OK, Leane Kwon, Kayla Lee, Matthew Kwon

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Alina Yuk, Amy Cho, Blair Yuk, Bryce Kim, Daniel Nam, James Song, John Kim, Jongmyeong Wee, Karis Han, Lindsey Cheng, Sarah Park, Yehji Ahn, Youngdoh Nah

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Grace Kim, Hyun Seo Jang, John Kim, Patrick Kim, Sarah Park

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Subin Jung, David Mo, Seungkyu Yoon, Eujin Choi, Joshua Choi, Christine Han, Karis Han, Abel Kim, Diana Kim, Isaac Kim, Jeremy Kim, Nathaniel Kim, Jenny Lee, Kate Lee, Ryan Lee