Ja-Tek’s Leadership:
Kenneth Cain (Founder & Ja-Tek Workshop Leader)
Honors Graduate, Harvard Law. Wesleyan U. Scholar Athlete Award winner. Fulbright Scholar. Ken is an international best selling author and Consultant. Harvard College admission’s alumni interviewer.
Peter Keum (Chair, Ja-Tek Board of Mentors)
Honors Graduate, Harvard College. UPenn Wharton School, MBA. Peter is a digital media entrepreneur and co-founder of Admaru Network, a leading multicultural ad tech company that connects multinational brands with key Asian-American demographic segments.
Susan Cain (Ja-Tek Mentor)
Honors Graduate, Princeton U. and Harvard Law. Susan is author of the global bestseller, Quiet: the Power of Introverts in A World That Can’t Stop Talking, 7 years on NY Times bestseller list; translated into 40 languages. Record-smashing “TED Talk” has been viewed 20 million times.
Min Kym (Mentor)
Min is an internationally renowned violin virtuoso, and author of the critically ac-claimed book,“Gone” currently in development as a feature length film.