About KCC

The KCC is a nonprofit, 501 (c )(3) charitable organization.(Friends of Grace Seniors, Inc. DBA Korean Community Center)

KCC한인동포회관은 비영리 501 (C)(3) 자선기관입니다.

missionThe KCC’s Mission is to promote healthy and independent living for all ages and to integrate the people with Korean Heritage into the greater community through culture & education, outreach, health & social services, and civic advocacy.
미션은 모든분들의 건강하고 독립적인 생활을 증진시키고 문화와 교육, 아웃리치, 의료복지, 시민 옹호를 통해서 한인들을 주류사회에 연계하고자 합니다.

visionThe KCC’s Vision is to provide practical tools and assistance for Korean immigrants to overcome their language and cultural barriers, and to preserve and promote Korean cultural heritage and social identity through self-empowerment and a spirit of participation and giving while building bridges to American Society.
비젼은 이민자들이 문화와 언어의 장벽을 넘도록 실질적인 도움을 드리고 스스로를 돕고 이웃을 도움으로 한국문화와 정체성을 증진시키고 미국사회와의 가교역활을 합니다.

President’s Message


마계은 KCC 회장

In 2000, a group of elderly Korean immigrants in Fort Lee, New Jersey, founded the non-profit organization, Friends of Grace Seniors, Inc. (FGS), in a 1,000 square foot office space to serve and empower the growing Korean-American community with a dream of building a Korean Community Center and Retirement facility.

In 2004, the FGS was able to move to a 20,000 square foot building in Englewood, New Jersey. There the FGS offered a variety of cultural and educational programs as well as health and senior services for all ages. These services were made possible through many fund-raising events, receipt of government and foundation grants, and active program development. The FGS is now known as the Korean Community Center (KCC) and is registered by the state of New Jersey. In 2013, the KCC purchased a building site in Tenafly, New Jersey, and was granted approval to build the center. The new Korean Community Center, a modern, three-story, 21,000 square foot facility, opened its door for a brighter future in January 2015.

Since moving to the new center, we’re thrilled to see greater participation by the younger generation, including young families and children, in addition to the older members. The KCC truly has become a home for Korean Americans to gather, share, teach, and learn from each other. The KCC will continue to empower future generations, as well as our retired members, making Korean Americans proud from generation to generation.

The KCC depends on its members and donors. Your generosity sustains and advances programs and services to better meet the needs of our members as well as the local community. Thank you again for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us.